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Market Participants: Investors

Investors are truly the main part of the market place and what makes it tick. Investors put the money and the flow of cash into the economies, banks, and markets of the entire world. These are the people who decide what money gets invested where and how much gets invested. They are crucial to the market.

Investors are either investing with their own money or they are investing on behalf of a client. They look at the markets and they decide what appear to be good investments and what may appear to be bad investments. They also look at investments that may be good but you cannot be sure of. They have to use their education and experience to decide what investments would be the wisest.

An interesting thing about investors is there are different times of investors. One type is an accredited investor An accredited investor can be a bank or any type of business that is certified by the small business act. It is basically governed by the laws and by the IRS but as long as you are “accredited” by these entities then you can be an accredited investor and handle investments legally.

There is also an investor that is called an expert investor. An expert investor is legally called this because the FSA has determined that this investor's experience is enough that they fully understood the investment they are making. Of course this means that they would use extreme discretion in their investments and most likely they are probably among the most trusted investors because of the amount of experience they have.

Investors can also be you yourself. If you use your own money, you can be your own investor. Especially with the stock market or forex market. You can make a lot of money if you do your research and study the situations with the market and know when to buy and when to sell. Studying the industry is very important for an individual investor.

Learning from investments that haven't gone well and learning what you did right and taking these together and studying will make someone a quality and trusted investor who can make their clients or themselves money. Investors are key in the market and truly where the money comes from are these investments that they have faith in.

Investors can invest in small businesses and create local economies and businesses to help. There are also investors who can invest in large corporations, commodities, and money markets as well as other investment opportunities and they do this with either their own money or a client's money. They can also invest in new technologies that can be pivotal to the future of the world. Investors truly have a say in the future of the world by the businesses and entities that they choose to invest in. It is important that an investor is someone you can trust and has a proven track record.


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